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Made with Love: at home!

Enjoy crafting Maria's recipes at home.
She's shared some of her favorites here!

Homemade Veal Marsala

Serves 6-8

A classic Italian entree.

Our customers at Westside agree!


8 veal cutlets, scallopini style

2-3 tablespoons kosher sea salt

1 cup all purpose flour, for dredging

1 cup EVOO

1/2 stick salted butter

1 yellow onion, sliced thinly

4 cups white field mushrooms, sliced thinly

1/2 cup marsala wine

3/4 cup Maria's homemade chicken stock

1/2 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper

1/2 cup fresh parsley, chopped, reserve 1 tablespoon for garnish


1) Pound, salt, and dredge the veal in flour.

2) In a large saute pan, heat enough oil to coat the pan on medium-high heat.

3) Add a tablespoon of butter, and fry the veal in oil and butter in batches to a light golden brown.

4) Remove the veal and lay on paper towels to drain oil.

5) Slice the onions thinly and fry in oil and butter on medium-high heat for 4-5 minutes.

7) Add the marsala wine and simmer until reduced by about half, stirring to deglaze the pan.

8) Add the chicken stock, a few pinches of pepper, and reduce the heat to medium.

9) Add the veal back to the pan and simmer for about 20-25 minutes until the sauce has thickened.

10) Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

11) Serve the veal with the sauce from the pan, onion, and mushroom, spooned over the cutlets.

12) Garnish with fresh chopped parsley, and/or sprig of micro savory.


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